Words That Don’t Really Exist – The Pseudodictionary


This website has a dictionary of English words that aren’t in the dictionary (yet) and some that probably never will be. There is an explanation of each word, and the name of the person who contributed the word. You can add your own words, and see whether they stick.

Some words that I liked:

geezerbird. A geezer is a British slang word for a man. And bird is slang for an attractive woman. So geezerbird is a cool woman who behaves like a man.

chanticipation. From chant = song. And anticipation = expectation. This word is supposed to mean the expectation at the end of a song on your cd or mp-player, when you know which song is going to come next.

antidonaphobia. From anti= against. And from donate = to give money to a charity. And phobia = a fear of something. When you suffer from antidonaphobia, it means you’re afraid you’ll get the disease or problem that your donation is going to help. The example sentence that is given in the pseudodictionary is this:  “Bob was not really philanthropic, but his antidonaphobia compelled him to contribute to the American Cancer Society every time he was solicited.” [so Bob only gave money to the Cancer Society, because he was afraid that if he didn’t, he would get cancer.]

pupkiss = the wet kiss that a dog leaves when its nose touches a window.

And many more interesting (new) words! Click on the “randomerizor” button to find any kind of strange, funny and fascinating words.

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