A 3-Door Car, a 4-Room Apartment, and a 5-Star Hotel


A car with three doors is a 3-door car.

A dresser (a linen cupboard) with six drawers is a 6-drawer dresser.

A house with four rooms is a 4-room house.

This apartment has two bedrooms, so it’s a 2-bedroom apartment.

A hotel that has 5 stars is a 5-star hotel.

I think you probably get it!


Finish the sentences:

A car with 5 gears is a _________________________.

A CV of 4 pages is a ____________________________.

The Lord of the Rings comes in a set of three books. It’s a ___________________.

This gentlemen’s suit consists of three pieces: trousers, a waistcoat, and a jacket. It’s a _____________________.

This design is made with four colours. It’s a ___________________.

This skirt is made with two layers of fabric. It’s a ____________________.

Your own example: ___________________________________________________.

Answers underneath.










a 5-gear car

a 4-page CV

a three-book set

a three-piece suit

a four-colour design

a two-layer skirt

Your own example: whatever you like.

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