Phrasal Verbs Presentation

Clink on the underneath link, and turn on your speakers! http://go.knovio.com/watch/4f45055af0ae452f899c7b7e4c8fc9dd

Olga's presentation

And here’s an exercise with the verbs that are used:

Choose from the following verbs, put it in the right form, and add the correct preposition (in, to, over, for, out, on, up, down, around, of, off, along, etc):

Put switch (2x) take get look hang run

1 Don’t forget to ______________ the gas when you finish cooking.

2 I’m lucky to have good friends, because I don’t _______________ with my parents.

3 We’re making a plan to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays; we don’t want them just to _____________.

4 You should _______________ an art class if you’re in love with drawing.

5 What will you be wearing at the reception? – Oh, I think I’ll _____________ my striped jacket.

6 I’ve been _____________ my bike in the past hour, but I’m afraid it’s been stolen.

7 _________________ the radio. I want to hear the news.

8 The car had ____________ out of petrol, but luckily another car stopped to give us some of theirs.

Answers: scroll down.






















1 switch off

2 get along

3 hang around

4 take up

5 put on

6 looking for

7 Switch on

8 run out

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