Still and Yet

Still is used when something continues.


Is it still raining?

Is she still going out with that dreadful man?

I still didn’t get an answer from Marie whether she’s coming to our reunion. (= I continue waiting.)


Yet is used when something is already finished.


Have you had your breakfast yet? No, I’m waiting for the eggs to boil.

Have you made those phone calls yet? Yes, I’ve just spoken to Kevin, Anne, and Sinead.


You can also use not yet, when things aren’t finished.


I haven’t read the newspaper yet. I was too busy.

Mr. Parker hasn’t come in yet. He might be stuck in traffic.



You can put yet at the end of the sentence, or in the middle. If yet is in the middle, it’s more formal. If at the end, it’s more informal.

Compare the following examples:

Formal: I haven’t yet discussed my future with my direct manager. / I have yet to discuss my future with my direct manager.

Informal: I haven’t discussed my future with my direct manager yet.



Fill in: yet or still:

1 He hasn’t kissed his new girlfriend __________.

2 The contract has _____________ to be signed.

3 We’re in November and _________ haven’t seen a drop of rain.

4 I know I should, but I haven’t gone to the dentist _________.

5 Are you __________ working for Intel?

6 I haven’t worn my new coat __________, because the weather is too warm.

7 Is she __________ in love with him?

8 I’m ________ waiting for your answer.

9 Do you have a name __________ for your new baby?


You will find the answers at the bottom of this page.










1 yet

2 yet

3 still

4 yet

5 still

6 yet

7 still

8 still

9 yet

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