When to use together and each other

Together and each other are often confused. So let’s find out when you use them.

You use together when you are doing things with one or more other people.


I am painting the living room together with William and Kathy.

She spends hours every day together with her friends.

Do you want to go shopping together?


by 21limited

You use each other when someone is doing or feeling something for someone else, and the other way around.


Eva and Dylan were helping each other. They love each other. They see each other every day.

* You can also use one another. It means the same as each other, and you can use it in the same kind of situations, where there is a relationship between at least three people or things.


Jerry, Angela, and Tom call one another frequently.


Now do the following exercise. You can find the answers at the bottom of the page.


Use together, each other, and one another:

1 Betty and Jon are getting a divorce. They no longer have trust in ________________.

2 Although I love my husband, we don’t do everything _______________.

3 The team members are all helping _____________ to get the product to the customer.

4 We should work ___________ in order to make this department successful.

5 If you depend on ____________ to get the answers right, neither of you will pass the exam.

6 Cindy and Sandy shouldn’t be playing ____________. They’re always fighting!

7 The people in this street gossip about ______________ all the time, so that’s why I’m moving.









1 each other

2 together

3 one another

4 together

5 each other

6 together

7 one another



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