When to use Much and Many

Much is used with uncountable nouns: The children made much noise today.

In most cases, much will be used in the negative: There isn’t much soap left. (For positive sentences, a lot of is used.)


Many is used with countable nouns: Many birds have visited our garden.

Here is an exercise: (Fill in Much or Many)

1 It shouldn’t take too __________ time.

2 She returned from the Mall after _____________ hours.

3 Did you receive __________ phone calls when you were ill?

4 __________ ado about nothing.

5 I can’t hear __________ when you’re all talking.

6 I haven’t got __________ money left.

7 Not so __________ banks open in the evenings.

8 I’m sorry to give you so __________ trouble.

Answers: scroll down..








1 much

2 many

3 many

4 Much

5 much

6 much

7 many

8 much

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