How Can I Improve my English Quickly, Without Taking Classes?


1 Find a native speaker in your area that you can be friends with. Alternatively, find friends from English-speaking countries on social networking sites, and start chatting with them!

2 Start practicing on your own.

A. You should read a lot. This will help you understand people who speak in English. First try to find an easy book or magazine to read (whatever you like). Your English will get better faster if you read things that you understand. Then when you are able to read these things well, proceed with something more difficult. You will be able to find lots of texts on the internet. Google under: “easy texts English.” Even children’s stories are good.

Of course I did some searching for you. Here are some sites that I liked:

1 http://www.agendaweb.org/reading/comprehension_easy_interm1.html

Lots of silly stories with questions.

2 http://www.manythings.org/voa/stories/

American short stories in simplified English. With mp3.

3  http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/read-and-write

Stories for kids. Cute videos that are subtitled.

B. To practice your speaking and fluency, get set with some audio files. You can buy them, download them legally or illegally (from englishtips.org for example), or search for them on the internet. First listen to the text just for your own enjoyment and to get an idea what it is about. Then start practicing. Play the file phrase by phrase, or sentence by sentence, whatever you are able to remember. After each bit, press the pause button, and repeat the phrase/sentence. Listen again to check that you got it right. If you have the transcript (text) to read while you’re listening, use it to help you.

I liked these websites:

1 http://www.elllo.org/

People from all over the world talk about their lives. With transcript.

2 http://www.eslfast.com/robot/

Super-clear dialogues. Starts with easy subjects. Includes texts. (Am. English)

3 http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/listen-and-watch

A choice of pods (audio and video). With transcript, dictionary, and activities. (Br. English)

4 http://www.esl-lab.com/

Dialogues with questions. (Am. English)

Check out our page with recommended websites for English learners, here: https://englishwithasmile.org/2013/05/13/websites-for-learning-english/

Have fun!

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