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Going Easy – Adjectives

Hello Beginners of English, this article is especially for you!


What Are Adjectives?

Adjectives are words that describe another word. If you say: “The beautiful tree,” then “beautiful” is the adjective. Because beautiful says something about the tree.

In English, the adjective comes before the noun (the thing, person, or animal, etc.).

However, you can also say: “The tree is beautiful.” In this kind of sentence you need “is” or “are,” or another verb.

Another example:

Sabrina is a wonderful friend.

Which word is the adjective?

Right: wonderful.

Wonderful describes the word “’friend.”

You can also say: “My friend Sabrina is wonderful.”

Last example:

He is wearing a heavy coat.

Which word is the adjective?

Right: heavy.

Heavy says something about the coat.

You can also say: The coat he is wearing is heavy.

Hope this is clear. Now do the following exercise.


You can do this quiz online here.

Place the adjectives between brackets () in the sentence. There is only one correct place where you can put them.

Example: The books are. (interesting) The books are interesting.

1 Peter is my friend. (best) _____________________________________________

2 Baking cakes is his hobby. (little) ______________________________________

3 Barry the parrot is. (green) ____________________________________________

4 She came with her dog. (small) ______________________________________

5 I like to eat a lunch. (light) ___________________________________________

6 Wanda is of the dark. (afraid) _____________________________________

7 Ivan’s nationality is. (Russian) ________________________________________

8 Mr King wrote me an email. (long) __________________________________ * Careful. You need to make a small change.

Told you this was easy!

Want to do more exercises with adjectives?

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