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Do You Know These Expressions with Fingers and Hands?


See if you know these idioms with fingers and hands.

Go here to do this quiz online and check your answers.


1 Since Ali and his girlfriend moved to a cottage in the country, he discovered he has a knack for gardening and growing plants. He has:

a)      Flower fingers

b)      Green fingers

c)       Green hands

d)      Sunshine hands

2 Lots of delicious _______________ was served at the party: mini-pizzas, pitta bread with tapenade and chicken pastries.

a)      Hand snacks

b)      Finger snacks

c)       Finger food

d)      Arm bites

3 Your new mobile device is so amazing! It must have cost you an ______________ and a leg.

a)      Arm

b)      Finger

c)       Pulse

d)      Hand

4 I believe that a good manager gives you a __________ hand, and does not always look over your shoulder to check up on you.

a)      Lucky

b)      Controlling

c)       Free

d)      Helping

5 I thought Darren could help me hang up those pictures, but he has two ___________ hands.

a)      Unsafe

b)      Guiding

c)       Right

d)      Left


6 Oh, please stop your ________________ over our holiday budget. We’ve been through the same every spring, and we always find the money.

a)      Handslapping

b)      Handwringing

c)       Fingersucking

d)      Fingerpointing

7 I knew I could count on Pawel to build a fantastic new kitchen. That guy has _______________.

a)      Silver fingers

b)      Silver hands

c)       Golden hands

d)      Twenty fingers

8 If I were you, I’d keep a __________________ on what they’re doing in the accounting department. Something is fishy there.

a)      Finger on the track

b)      Hand in the soup

c)       Hand on the elbow

d)      Finger on the pulse

9 Josie said she knew Ottawa like the ________________, but she needed GPS to find Francine’s house.

a)      Back of her hand

b)      Lines in her hand

c)       Ring around her finger

d)      Way her fingers pointed

10 Labyrinth Company is very big and bureaucratic. I sent them an email but didn’t get an answer. If you ask me _________________________.

a)      The right hand doesn’t shake the left hand.

b)      The finger is on the trigger.

c)       The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

d)      The knobs aren’t in the right hands.

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