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Quick Replies


You don’t always have to be original. Just using the standard answer to standard questions will usually do.

Do you know the answers to the following questions/statements?

Check you answers after you’ve scrolled down.

1 Hello, how are you?

2 How have you been?

3 Thank you for the beautiful flowers.

4 Have you got a penknife on you?

5 Do you mind if I open a window?

6 How’s business?

7 You haven’t seen a blue umbrella anywhere around here, have you?

8 Fancy a drink on the way home?

9 Have you got the time?

10 How do you do?

11 George sends you his regards.

12 Could you give me a lift to the bank?

13 How did the meeting go?

14 How do you take your coffee?

15 Right then, I’m off.

16 My son has just graduated from high school.

17 I’ve lost my purse and there was 300 pounds in it!



Scroll down for the answers



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You’re getting there




1 Fine, thanks, and you?

2 Fine, thanks, and you?

3 Don’t mention it./You’re most welcome./ No problem./ It was my pleasure. And thanks for a wonderful evening.

4 Yes, here you are./No, unfortunately I haven’t.

5 Not at all./Go ahead./I’d rather you didn’t. It’s a bit chilly.

6 It’s going well, thanks.

7 No, sorry, I haven’t. Can I help you find it?

8 Sounds good./Sure./Good idea./ Sorry, I have other plans./Sorry, I’m busy./Sorry, I’m not free.

9 It’s seven o’clock. (or another time)

10 How do you do. (How do you do means nice to meet you in a formal way.)

11 Thanks. Send him back mine.

12 Sure, hop in./ Sorry, I’m not going to the bank right now.

13 It went well.

14 With sugar and milk, please./Only sugar (or milk), please./Black, please.

15 See you. Bye.

16 That’s fantastic. Congratulations.

17 Sorry to hear it. Where did you last see it?

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